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seat weighing system solution seat weighing system solution

seat weighing system solution

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Solution Introduction

seat weighing system solution was provided by manyyear technology company limited.
Manyyear technology has 20 years of production and design experience in load cells, force sensors, torque sensors and pressure sensors. We can provide weighing solution, force measure solution, torque measure solution and pressure measure solution.
seat weighing system solution is applicable to bus seat weighing and counting, cinema seat counting and weighing, restaurant and cafe customer counting system.

Solution Detail

seat weighing system solution-MANYYEAR TECHNOLOGY


Solution Configure

  • MLC801 platform scale load cell

    Dimension:203*43*37mm; 235*52*48mm; 279*67*60mm; 318*82*70mm
    platform scale load cell, feeding scale load cell, belt scale load cell, industry weighing system
  • MLC601 high precision parallel beam load cell

    Dimension: 130*30*22mm
    parallel beam load cell, single point load cell, pricing scale load cell, electronic scale load cell
  • ADS421 digital Load Cell

    Channel : 1 Channel
    Work voltage: 6-12vdc
    Signal output: RS485


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