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digital instrument CFM digital instrument CFM
digital instrument CFM

digital instrument CFM

digital instrument spec CFM

MANYYEAR Technology provides digital instrument. apply to weight indicators, weighing controllers, weight transmitters, pressure controllers, force measurement controllers, packaging scale controllers, belt scale controllers, batching scale controllers, platform scale controllers.
Input signal: mv, mA, 0-10vdc, RTC.
Output analog signal: 0-5vdc, 0-10vdc, 4-20mA.
Output control signal: Relay, ttl
Output digital signal: RS232, RS485, USB..BT, WF
Location indicate: LED, LCE, POINT

We understand that detailed product specification communication can help customers save a lot of product design time. Help customers avoid some problems in the process of product design.
For this reason, we have prepared this form specially. Hope to help customers understand product specifications. Find the right sensor product. If you complete the form, please submit it to We will reply within 24 hours.

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